Tuesday, June 3, 2014

my work space

So this morning, i came early to my office. As there are plenty of time before starting my work,
I took a time for sketching.

I really enjoyed sketching outside rather than sit inside the room.This picture can show how boring my place is..haha..I am estimate the desk size is 1' 4" x 3'. Its not a pc desk. It is small but fit with the pc. As usually when other people put the pc on the large table, i rather put it here, so i can have large space for my main table. I think it is practical for my work. It just have to kept simple and less things on it.

As for now, having a family to spend with, I rarely goes outside alone (which I can spend some moment to go here and there to sit and sketch) except to buy some groceries or go for car service.

So maybe when my kid has grown up more, i can bring him too and sketch with me..

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